Cigars: Tobacco Pipe

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Cigars: Tobacco Pipe |  Pipes

Pipe Smoking Guide

Pipe smoking, getting started

Pipe Sundries

Selection of sundries for the pipe


BBB- Britain's Best Briar, was the first pipe registration (number 40),when the registration of trade marks act became law in 1876. Savoy are excellent polished light finish,high quality briar.


French made pipes

Comoy Everyman

A Selection of Comoy Pipes

Dr Plumb Standard

Tradional Plumb polished colour. Unbeatable value, possibly one of the most popular pipes in the world, with its favourite "red dot and plumb in white on the mouthpiece. London made

Dunhill Pipes

All Dunhill pipes on this page are in stock.


The original aluminium stem pipe

Filter Pipes

A Selection of 9mm Filter Pipes


-London Made-

World famous GBD briars, pipemakers since 1850

Great British Classics

A range of affordable pipes in popular shapes made by John Brumfit.

Orlik London

Fine Orlik- London Made-Light Golden Colour Briars The Orlik brand established 1899


Parker pipes have a number of different finishes and different sizes.We have put them into sections of finishes


The famous Peterson pipe from Dublin

All Peterson pipes now come with a free Peterson pipe tool

Premium Pipes

A selection of premium pipes by other makers.


A selection of pipes made for Charles Rattray , Perth, Scotland


Stanwell pipes

Cigars: Tobacco Pipe |  Pipes

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